NEW point of view: Fit-for-the-future: how to build the capacity to lead change and innovate

Digital transformation is about people, not technology. Real…

Teaching the caterpillar to fly

We should stop treating training as a solution. By constraining our thinking, we are limiting the potential of our people to develop, innovate and transform themselves and our organisations.

De blockchain: een oplossing voor bijna niets?!

In De Correspondent stelt Jesse Frederik dat blockchain een…

Sharing Knowledge on Fintech and Blockchain

AXVECO helpt Nyenrode om Blockchain, FinTech en Innovatie kennis…

My first month working as a Blockchain Developer and Consultant at Axveco

Today, I work for more than a month at AXVECO and wow, what an…

Building risk management skills for the future – where to start?

What will the role of risk management in the future be and what skills should the risk management professionals have in order to successfully support this role?

Ontwerp en gebruik van key risk indicators

Samenvatting AXVECO roundtable over Key Risk Indicators (21 september 2017)

Risicomanager, ga met je tijd mee!

De huidige raamwerken voor risicomanagement blijken nog altijd kostbaar en bijzonder ineffectief. Wat is er aan de hand en hoe kan het anders?

Blockchain Real Time Tax

Start of the disruption of the tax and accountancy world by reinventing…

Managing risk in agile organisations

The concept of agility is currently being extended to apply to governance and organisation, business functions such as operations, and corporate support functions such as IT and HR, but what are the implications for risk management?