Digitale transformatie gaat vooral over mensen, niet over technologie

De meerderheid van digitale transformaties faalt, omdat de focus…

Drie onmisbare ingrediënten voor digitale transformaties

In deze korte video leggen we uit welke drie elementen onmisbaar zijn voor een succesvolle transformatie.

If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you've got there?

If you are engulfed by the issues of the day you will face the real risk of not being the relevant, both now and in the transition towards the future. 

Our point of view: Fit-for-the-future: how to build the capacity to lead change and innovate

Digital transformation is about people, not technology. Real…

Teaching the caterpillar to fly

We should stop treating training as a solution. By constraining our thinking, we are limiting the potential of our people to develop, innovate and transform themselves and our organisations.

Sharing Knowledge on Fintech and Blockchain

AXVECO helpt Nyenrode om Blockchain, FinTech en Innovatie kennis…

Building risk management skills for the future – where to start?

What will the role of risk management in the future be and what skills should the risk management professionals have in order to successfully support this role?

Fit-for-the-future: competentieontwikkeling voor Risk Management

AXVECO werkt samen met een grote Nederlandse bank bij het ontwikkelen…

Blockchain in public services

 Developing a secure blockchain for sharing consumer data…
Risk management benchmark

Non-financial risk management benchmark voor een Nederlandse bank

Een Nederlandse bank had AXVECO gevraagd om hun operational risk…