Cindy van der Top

Cindy van der Top

Services Manager

Business is in my blood

I come from a business family and have spent much of my career to date working for major international companies, although there are also a few smaller organizations on the list. I believe I can offer ‘the best of both worlds’ in that I feel equally at home dealing with complex multinationals and small startups. That’s because I understand people and their needs. AXVECO is an enterprising ‘boutique’ consultancy whose client base includes many large organizations. I find that a very interesting combination.

My background is in finance and risk management: I started my career as an accountant. Over the years I have been able to expand my horizons and there are now very few disciplines in which I do not have at least a modicum of experience. This stands me in good stead in my role as AXVECO Services Manager. I am able to support the company and help it to grow based on my varied experience. Because I have been a consultant myself (in risk management among other things), I understand the needs of the firm’s consultants and our clients.

I appreciate being able to work at a very high professional level and the autonomy this entails. AXVECO offers me both. We are a good, close-knit, friendly team. I am really looking forward to playing my part in helping this young and dynamic company achieve growth and recognition.