Business Intelligence and Basic Data Analysis

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PrerequisitesData Driven Business I (recommended)
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This journey prepares you for a data driven world.  We have entered a new period of competition where data plays a central role and all professionals – from staff running day to day operations, support functions and senior executives need to be aware of the potential of data and to play their role in a data driven and digital business model.

This journey follows on from the previous Data Driven Business modules focusing on driving value from data through Visualisations, Business Intelligence and basic Data Analytics, including guidance on tools to use for these steps.  The techniques used are key to being data driven – and these differ from the traditional approach to designing a business.

We have developed this journey with great support from Tableau – a leader in Visualisation solutions and BigML – a leader in Analytics and (automated) Machine Learning.

The learning objectives are:

  • Explore data including “Big Data”
  • Understand the Data Driven Business model
  • Visualise and analyse data for Business Intelligence – including using Tableau
  • Learn how to apply a structured data analysis methodology
  • Build basic data analytics models using a structured methodology with BigML
  • Build your analytics toolkit
  • Raise your awareness of ethics and risks associated with data
  • Develop a plan to implement BI, Data Analytics and Data Management in your business

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Working with Data
Visualising Data for Business Intelligence
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Analysing Data for Business Decisions
Ethics and risks relating to data
Summary and next steps
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