Data Driven Business IV Digital Strategy, Transformation (Retired)

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StatusDue Autumn 2020
Estimated time6 - 8 hours
PrerequisitesData Driven Business II or equivalent
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AXVECO is delighted to join forces with 650Labs of San Francisco, California, USA to bring this learning journey to you.  Mark Zawacki of 650 Labs and Alex Dowdalls of AXVECO have worked together over 20 years and now combine their insights and expertise in this new programme.

We have entered a new age – an age where digital capability, data and smart propositions have transformed the competitive dynamics in many markets.  We are witness to the rise and dominant power of platform based business models which reshape the business environment.  Add to this the impact of Covid-19 changing how billions of people around the world work, live, travel and play and forcing massive change for business including the adoption of virtual collaboration.  Our world is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever before.

Many corporates have failed to achieve growth over the past decade, struggle with innovation and have barely prepared their business model for competition in the digital age.  At the same time, we see startups emerging to become powerful players in market niches or as new platforms.  New organisational models have demonstrated their value in a rapidly changing and growing business.

As a leader – you are challenged now more than ever before to provide the stewardship for your organisation into the future.  There has never been a time when leadership was more essential.

This programme is designed to help you to lead your organisation forward, generating growth and success in the face of many challenges.  The journey itself embodies the change we promote – providing learning using a blend of online, interactive content, interaction via webinars with experts and access to live sessions when and where appropriate and with respect for social distancing regulations.

This programme is suitable for managers and executives who individually wish to develop their leadership abilities and for teams or organisations wishing to realise growth in the current business environment.

The learning objectives are:

  • Analyse the shifts taking place in the transition from an industrial to a digital age
  • Review the rise of technology driven business models and platforms
  • Create your case for change with societal, economic and customer perspectives
  • Develop a strategy for success by rethinking the business model
  • Design a transformational approach for growth and change
  • Identify how you can develop as a leader for the digital age
  • Outline the shape of the organisation and governance to make the change happen



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