Data Driven Growth Foundation (retired)

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PrerequisitesData Driven Foundation (Recommended)
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Data-Driven Growth for Leaders equips senior executives with the skills and the mindset to harness data and business analytic insights to make business decisions for long-term sustainable growth.

Executives need to possess this critical and evolving knowledge foundation for their strategy, execution, and effective organizational leadership.

Leverage your data to deliver business growth based on data insights.

In this Data-Driven Growth e-learning, you will acquire a thorough understanding of how to use data to drive growth in your organization and you will gain valuable insights on how to harness data to become customer-centric to more confident decision-making and tremendous innovation

Innovation and the use of data for growth offer a significant competitive advantage for those companies that choose to embrace it.

Through a deep exploration of proven data-driven growth tactics and data-driven business cases, you will learn how to accelerate your organizations’ ability to acquire and execute upon the knowledge that is critical for future-proof and scalable growth.

During this learning path, we will equip you with one of the essential skills for tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. You will learn what a truly data-driven organization is
  2. What types of data you should focus on
  3. How to use data to build a customer-centric organization
  4. How data can fuel your company’s future growth.


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Data Driven Growth Introduction
The Growth Model