Data-Driven Growth

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In this Data-Driven Growth learning path you will acquire a thorough understanding of how to use data to drive growth in your organisation.

Through an exploration of proven data-driven growth tactics and a step-by -step growth process and a rapid experimentation framework, you will learn how to accelerate your organisation’s ability to acquire and cultivate knowledge critical to building a scalable future-proof business.

It stresses analytical thinking. The Data-Driven Growth approach teaches business leaders, innovators and product  sales- and marketing professionals measure analyzes, tests, compares the product, refines, and repeats.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this learning path you will be able to:

  • Describe the pains, gains and jobs to be done of your customer
  • Understand how to measure your product/market fit
  • Back up business decisions based on data
  • Set the right Growth Metrics ( KPI’s) that drive sustainable and scalable business growth
  • Define the North Star Metric for your company, department or team
  • Design an experiment with an underlying data-driven hypothesis
  • implement a process that empowers teams to work autonomous
  • prioritize  ideas and actions based data
  • compose a cross-functional growth team and..
  • know how to keep everyone engaged and accountable
  • work in sprints, according to the agile principles within a cross-functional team
  • organize and structure data-driven growth within your organisation


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Data Driven Growth Introduction
Customer Centricity
The Growth Model
The Growth Process
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The Growth Funnel
The Growth Culture