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Prepare for success in the digital age by following a series of our learning paths and letting us guide you through the steps to become data driven.  We provide the learning path which you need for success.

This variant offers four of our most popular and essential learning paths as a package to launch your journey towards being Data Driven:

  1. Data Driven Foundation
    Understand the data driven business model and the central role of Digital Assets.
  2. Data Management Foundation
    Learn how Big tech manages Big Data to ensure it is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable.
  3. AI Essentials
    Learn how to create value with data using AI. Build your first AI models and understand machine learning and ethics of AI.
  4. Growth through Innovation
    Follow the high growth trailblazers to define propositions for targetted segments, Jobs to be done, Customer Journey and Lean Startup growth process.

This approach can be followed individually, as a team or as a business.  For a business organisation or team, we can provide this programme in-house with dedicated coaching support.

We take you at high speed through a curated selection of modules from our Data Driven Leadership series which help you quickly appreciate:

  1. why you need to be data driven now
  2. what being data driven means for your business model
  3. how to manage data as a digital leader
  4. what AI is and why it is important to remain competitive
  5. how humans and machines will collaborate
  6. what you need to do now to kickstart growth

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

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