Olivier Rikken

Olivier Rikken

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

We never stop learning and innovating!

I believe that an inquisitive mind is one of the greatest assets you can possess. You should want to understand how things work. You should constantly be aware of what is happening in the world around you, and you should draw upon the lessons of the past. The knowledge thus gained should then be combined and collated to form the basis of new progress. By continuing to learn and innovate, you develop as a person and can help others – including business organizations – to do likewise no matter how quickly the world around us is changing. It will come as no surprise that ‘continuous improvement’ has been the key theme of my entire career.

That career can perhaps best be described as varied. I studied at Delft University of Technology and Nyenrode Business School. I have worked in various sectors, beginning in transport and logistics before making the move into the financial sector some seven years ago. I can therefore draw on various perspectives, and I have seen how the different sectors can learn from each other in their pursuit of continuous improvement. By combining ideas to examine existing situations from different, perhaps unconventional angles, and by applying techniques in hitherto untried ways or in pursuit of new objectives, one arrives at innovative ideas which will eventually change and reinvigorate organizations or even entire sectors.

At AXVECO, my main areas of responsibility are Digital Disruption, Blockchain and BPM. Continuous improvement is often a question of taking a leap into the unknown, radically overhauling existing work processes. This is particularly true in these times of major technological advances.

My work offers me and my colleagues every opportunity to learn, not only from each other but from the changes going on all around us. We can then develop new ideas which will help our clients to achieve growth, just as AXVECO and its staff, myself included, are growing. We are a small, close-knit team of ‘inquisitive’ professionals with diverse backgrounds. The one thing we have in common is that we always strive to bring out the best in ourselves.