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Learn how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smart client propositions and increased business efficiency.  We offer a set of accredited learning paths, consulting services and tooling advice to help you learn and apply AI in your business.

This is relevant for all business professionals, aspirant data scientists and machine learning engineers, business transformation leaders, IT and Data Managers.

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Step 1: View the learning paths available and consider which you prefer

The Essentials path provides a basis for AI in one day. The AI for Business path (two days) builds upon this to prepare you to work with AI including building a simple AI model and managing data.  The Foundation path places more emphasis on man machine collaboration, ethical purpose and organisational implications.

AI Foundation vs AI for Business & Government?

We are often asked to describe the difference between the NL AI Coalition ‘AI for Business & Government’ syllabus and the BCS AI Foundation syllabus. The following chart sets out the differences and indicates where we add content to a syllabus that we feel is important.

The BCS AI Foundation syllabus can be viewed here.

The NL AIC AI for Business and Government syllabus can be viewed here.

Click on the course overview and scroll down through the description.  The course structure and content is identical for the eLearning, webinar and classroom variants.  The only difference is the method of following the course.  Note that the price shown is for the eLearning variant.

AI Essentials

Step into the world of AI. Covers the BCS AI Essentials syllabus including Machine and Deep Learning, Ethics and Risks, and how man and machine will work together.

AI for Business & Government

Learn how to apply AI in your business environment and how humans and machines will collaborate the digital age. Addresses data for AI and how to build an AI model.

AI Foundation

Learn all you need to know to get started with AI or make decisions involving AI. Goes further than AI Essentials to include data, project approach and organisation.

Step 2: Choose how you wish to follow your learning path and buy the preferred option: eLearning, Webinar or Classroom

Choose how you wish to follow your preferred learning path: using the eLearning only; combine eLearning with live participation in a scheduled webinar(s); or combine the eLearning with classroom session(s).

The webinar and classroom options include the eLearning, just select your preferred date from the schedule shown during the purchase process after clicking on the relevant product below.  We recommend that you plan study time to follow the eLearning before the live session.

If you are joining us via one of our corporate clients or learning partner organisations, you will have a separate joining instruction. Mail us if you have any questions (

Step 3: If you wish to gain the professional accreditation: buy the exam coupon and take the exam!

BCS, EXIN certification

If you wish to take the (independent) Exin exam and gain the professional certification, then you buy an exam coupon and schedule when you want to take the exam with Exin (instructions included).

NL AIC, Van Haren certification

The certification programme for the NL AIC AI for Business and Government syllabus is being established during Q4 2021.  Please contact us via to find out more.

Step 4: Start learning!

You can follow the learning path by logging in and clicking on the course shown at the menu option “My journey”.  If you have any questions, please mail us at