Follow your Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokenisation journey here

Learn how to leverage Blockchain technology to transform the value chain across a sector or disrupt the world of finance.  Having trained more than 4.000 people in this technology, we have an established set of learning paths, consulting services and tooling advice to help you learn and apply Blockchain.

This is relevant for all business leaders, professionals, transformation leaders, IT and Data Managers.

Step 1: View the learning paths available and consider where you would like to start

We offer a series of blockchain learning programs which help you learn this new technology and support your transformation projects or new ventures.  This starts with Blockchain Foundation, progresses through Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications and then moves on to Managing Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance.

These learning paths are designed to be followed either “stand alone” or as a progressive series of learning events.  If you follow the series it will prepare you to initiate a blockchain venture or manage a blockchain application in an existing business situation!

€ 595 ex. BTW (TAX)

Blockchain Foundation

Including Smart Contracts, Ecosystems, Tokenisation and the Future of Money (DeFi)

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€ 595 ex BTW (TAX)

Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications

Develop your first dApps on Blockchain

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€ 595 ex. BTW (TAX)

Tokenisation, Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance

Discover how tokenisation will disrupt existing markets

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Click on the course overview and scroll down through the description.

The course content is identical for the webinar and classroom variants.  The only difference is the method of following the course.

Step 2: Choose how and when you wish to follow your learning path: Webinar or Classroom

Choose how you wish to follow your preferred learning path with live participation in either a scheduled webinar(s) or classroom session(s).

The webinar and classroom options follow the same course structure and content, just select your preferred date from the schedule shown during the purchase process after clicking on the relevant product below.

Step 3: We look forward to meeting you!

Once you have scheduled you participation in one of more events then we will confirm details and look forward to welcoming you.  If you have any questions, please mail us as