Follow your Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokenisation journey here

Learn how to leverage Blockchain technology to transform the value chain across a sector or disrupt the world of finance.  Step into a world of digital twins, tokens and discover the future of money.

Having trained more than 4.000 people in this technology, we have an established set of learning paths, consulting services and tooling advice to help you learn and apply Blockchain.

This is relevant for all business leaders, professionals, transformation leaders, IT and Data Managers.

Step 1: View the learning paths available and consider where you would like to start

We offer a series of blockchain learning paths which help you learn this new technology and support your transformation projects or new ventures.  This starts with Blockchain Essentials and Foundation, progresses through Smart Contracts and then moves on to Tokenisation, Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance. A summary of each learning path is given here:

Blockchain Essentials / Basics

This is a one day entry level program taking you through the basics of blockchain:

  • New business models, tokens, ecosystems and platforms
  • The technology including smart contracts and different types of blockchains
  • Risks and regulatory or compliance challenges

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what Blockchain is and the key differences between different types of blockchain
  • Discover how blockchain is already creating disruptive change in many industries
  • Apply blockchain within (and outside) your company to create new business models and opportunities
  • Learn what a smart contract is and how these apply to new business models
  • Become aware of the key risks and legal issues related to blockchain and what measures you can take to mitigate these

Blockchain Foundation / Advanced

This next level program picks up where the Essentials program stops and provides a layer of depth in one day to what blockchain is and how it works:

  • New business models, tokens, ecosystems and platforms
  • The technology explained including building a token
  • Compliance requirements for value exchange in ecosystems

Learning objectives:

  • Understand recent developments and key differences between different types of blockchain
  • Specify and create your first Fungible/Non Fungible tokens
  • Review applications of tokenisation in various sectors
  • Review what is required in the application of Blockchain
  • Learn what a smart contract is and how these apply to new business models
  • Become aware of the key risks and legal issues related to blockchain and what measures you can take to mitigate these

Smart Contracts Design and Development

Learn how to design and develop distributed applications (dApps) using Smart Contracts during this two day journey.

We tailor the programme to your technical experience level enabling participation from both business professionals who wish to experience what the technology is and IT professionals with development experience who wish to start developing dApps.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what a smart contract is and how these apply to new business models
  • Learn how to develop your own smart contracts – bring your own laptop and start programming!
  • Understand and create Non Fungible Tokens for tokenisation
  • Create a series of dApps with smart contracts and deploy these to operate in a test environment (Solidity on Ethereum)
  • Become aware of the key risks related to smart contracts and what measures you can take to mitigate these
  • Address Governance and compliance issues with dApps

Tokenisation, Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance

Discover how to disrupt existing markets by creating new ecosystems with Tokenisation, using Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance.  Learn how this is achieved through the convergence of information flow, ownership transfer and payment capability on blockchain.

This one day learning journey helps you to understand the future disruptive applications that are emerging using blockchain.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how tokenisation has enabled a new platform approach across ecosystems
  • Learn what a token is and how these can be created using an international standard
  • Discover how to create new platform ecosystems to manage Digital Assets via tokens
  • Review the emerging field of Decentralised Finance including fundraising and payment mechanisms
  • Develop a disruptive strategy for your business
  • Become aware of the Governance, Risk and Compliance issues with Digital Asset Management

These learning paths are designed to be followed either “stand alone” or as a progressive series of learning events.  If you follow the series it will prepare you to initiate a blockchain venture or manage a blockchain application in an existing business situation!

In each learning path, we cover the business benefits, technology aspects and risk and compliance perspectives to give you a balanced view of what is possible and permissible with this powerful technology.

Step 2: Choose when you wish to follow your chosen learning path

View the schedule of events and choose when you would like to follow your preferred learning path.  You can follow the series by planning participation in consecutive events as listed diagonally on the table – start at an Essentials date and move down and right for subsequent dates of the series.

Our schedule of blockchain sessions is as follows:

Learning PathJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober NovemberDecember
Blockchain Essentials14 June16 August
13 September31 October6 December
Blockchain Foundation17 June22 August4 October1 November
Smart Contracts (two days)
1 July (day one)
15 July (day two)
6-7 September
25 October
(day one)
8 November
(day two)
Tokenisation, Digital Assets and DeFi16 June20 September15 November

Step 3: Book your attendance: Classroom

Our classroom sessions are planned in the Randstad (Amsterdam or Utrecht areas) and sometimes combined with participants via our education partners (for whom we run these sessions). We offer Classroom participation as standard and can accommodate attendance via webinar if necessary.  Note that we strongly recommend classroom attendance for the Smart Contract workshop.

Select your preferred date from the schedule shown during the purchase process after clicking on the relevant product below.

Step 4: We look forward to meeting you!

Once you have scheduled you participation in one of more events then we will confirm details and look forward to welcoming you.  If you have any questions, please mail us as