The Customer Journey

How to get started with customer persona and customer journey maps


You can get this done in a full working day. We recommend that all departments participate in this exercise. Many companies task marketing in doing this on their own which is not recommended. 



Define your customer persona or Decision Making Unit (DMU)


Your customer persona is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key traits of a large segment of your audience. There is no right or wrong way to define your customer persona. Look at background, beliefs, values, psychographics, demographics, watering holes.


In a B2B setting we split the DMU into user buyer, economical buyer, technical buyer.



Map your customer journey


As mentioned before we use the AARRR funnel to map the journey. We recommend writing it down in a spreadsheet and then creating a visual representation of it later on via a designer. Make sure to include KPIs for each step. 



Data analytics


Use existing inhouse data resources (if you have them) to make an initial analysis of your customer persona. data source can be your website analytics, marketing channels, CRM system, financial data, customer service logs, 


Another great way is to interview your sales and customer service teams. 



Interviews / Questionnaires


Once you created your customer persona’s initial map it’s time to get your hands dirty.


The best way to understand the journeys of your customers is by asking them.


The key here is to gather feedback from people who are p[rospects as well as current customers but also churned customers. 15 to 20 interviews is usually sufficient.


Questionnaires are another way and work great with existing or churned customers.


Estimate & monitor your product market fit


Customer journeys are a great way to estimate and monitor your product market fit in a much more detailed way. Your product might be great, so has to be your communication to prospects, your onboarding and your service.


Product market fit is much more than just a great product. It is the complete package and an actionable customer journey map is your first step in creating a great customer experience.