Define your Identity to your Niche



What, exactly, is this process of Identification? 

Quite simply, it is, first of all, the desire of your prospect to act out certain roles in his life. Your prospect desires to define himself to the world around him—to express the qualities within himself that he values and the positions he has attained.


What are the 5 stages of market sophistication?


There are 5-stages of market sophistication that Eugene Schwartz speaks of:

  1. First to market and a new claim
  2. Second to market and an elaboration of the claim
  3. Third to market and emphasis on the mechanism
  4. Forth to market and an elaboration of the mechanism (better, faster, cheaper)
  5. Fifth to market and a focus on identification with the prospect


How to Build a Saleable Personality Into Your Product?

The recognition and magnification of mass desire, want, needs, and cravings are the first and most obvious copywriting tasks. However, your sales and marketing is incomplete if you do not take care of longing for personal identification. It builds the second mechanism of persuasion as personal identification in your product. I


Identification here means more than the buyer persona or customer’s process of identifying with a product personality. In this context, it means at the same time the active process by which your sales / marketing capitalizes on this need for identification by building its realization into your product. The activities and processes you must accomplish and the psychological effects you must achieve to give the maximum possible strength.


How do you utilize this longing for identification?


In two ways: First, by turning your product into an instrument for achieving these roles. And second, by turning that product into an acknowledgment that these roles have already been achieved.


Every product you work on should offer your prospect two separate and distinct reasons for buying it. First, it should offer him the fulfillment of a physical want or need. This is the satisfaction your product gives him. And second, it should offer him a particular method of fulfilling that need that defines him to the outside world as a particular kind of human being.


This is the role your product offers to your prospect. It is the non-functional, super-functional value of that product. And it is built into that product—not by engineering—but by messaging alone.


How to make your prospect believe your claims before you state them? How to use Desire, Identification, and Belief for absolution conviction?

The first dimension is Desire—want, yearning, motivation—with specific goals and/or cures in mind—with the prospect begging to be shown how to obtain them. The copywriter’s job is to make sure the path to these goals goes through the product and make sure that the prospect can visualize every drop of satisfaction that their achievement will give him.


The second dimension is Identification—the need for expression and recognition—unformulated, unspoken, at least partially unconscious—searching for symbols, definitions, and embodiments. It is your job to crystallize these self-definitions and emboch’ them in your product—so that the product may be used, not only as a source of physical satisfaction but also as a symbolic extension of the personality of the prospect for whom it is intended.


As a next step, desire and identification alone are never enough. By themselves, they can never produce the full reaction we must have if we are to achieve maximum success with our product. No matter how intense the desire. No matter how demanding the need to identify, both these reactions must be fused with a third great emotional dimensional force—Belief— before they can produce the final overwhelming determinant of action—Absolute Conviction. 


It is this fusion of desire and belief—this conviction—this certainty—this feeling in the prospect of being right in his choice— of being assured of what he has been promised—that we seek here as his ultimate goal. And it is to this third dimension of the human mind—the Belief that produces this certainty—that we now turn.


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