Define Your Niche Demographics

Demographics: Role/Title, Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Marital Status, Experience Years, Education Level, Company Size, and traffic channels.

Psychographics: Problems, interests, desires, goals, fear, suspicions, and enemies.

A decision based on demographics alone is still too broad to sell anything interesting that people will get in on demographics alone.


If you try to use demographics exclusively, you will have a tough time selling anything to anyone.


Why do we need to specify the role?


  1. You want to be aligned with the person who pulls the trigger. The roles are important because you need to market to the person who can pull the trigger. So a lot of time, you will say, well, I am selling to e.g. the engineer. But they’re unable to make a decision. So you ask yourself: who writes the check? Who signs the check? Who gives you the thumbs up? Who gives me the green light, and they say, well, it’s usually the CFO or the CEO.
  2. And then they get approval from the engineers. So really, your customer’s not the engineer. Your customer is the CEO; your customer is somebody who exchanges the money for goods and services. That’s the customer. So keep that in mind. Even if you are an engineer, yourself and your engineers will use your tool, or technical people will use your tool. Your real customer is the person trading the money for the solution.
  3. So we’re going to have to understand them so much, and just it’s the mechanism that the engineers will use. So it just happens that the engineers will use your solution. They’re the end-users, but they’re not the customer,  so obviously, it needs to, the engineers need to buy in, but that’s a feature of the solution. They need to be able to use it.


What location is important?


The reason you start with one location is that it’s way easier to become the best or only option or the default option in one location than it is to do that in 10 locations simultaneously.


Why are experience years and levels so important?

On LinkedIn and in sales databases, you’re able to target by experience level and experience years. So that’s really handy when you’re automating content for your LinkedIn and sales prospecting; it’s convenient when you’re automating content for your advertising on LinkedIn.


Why is company size important?


Now, this is really important because this will allow you to target LinkedIn and other databases. So a company size, it could be like 10.


You are trying here to get as much data on this customer because the better that you understand the customer, the better you can serve the customer, the better your product or service is going to be, the better your marketing is going to be, the better more likely you will be to be the best or only option relative to this person.