Define your Niche Psychographics

you want to understand their emotions, desires, problems, pain points, fears, suspicions, roadblocks, questions, results.


What is the “Secret Code” To Your Audience’s Brain? PQR2: Problems, Questions, Roadblocks, and Results


Single Big Shocking Statement:

Start with “Did you Know. Provide some shocking results and statistics.” Think what many people believe in x but the truth is opposite of x.

Single Big Emotional Payoff:

Start with And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to Take these as Examples: be with my kids, and never miss any of the highlights of their lives; spend time relaxing and doing the things I really enjoy, like spending time with my wife and fishing.

Single Big Desire:

What is the single biggest desire and goal of your ideal customer?

Single Big Ideal Person Your prospect wants to become:

Name what your prospect wants to ultimately become. For example successful investor, famous tech founder, real estate investor, successful Author, famous speaker.

Single Big Problem:

Define the single big problem your buyer persona faces. Start with Here’s the problem you face

Single Big Problem-Agitation:

Start with phrase “Which means….” and supplement the agitation with phrase like “To make the matters even worse

Single Big Problem-Agitation-Solution:

Start with Well, luckily for you, there is now a solution. Name your product or service and add 3 top benefits

Single Big Question:

Start with a single big question your target buyer persona is asking. For Example: How do you “hack” a proven, money-making funnel Without the trial and error?

Single Big Result:

Start with statement: My buyer persona really wants to For Example: Create Content Funnels that Converts Website Visitors into Qualified Leads; publish your own outrageously profitable eBook; get your home sold for in 10-days; etc.

Single Big Roadblock:

Start with the statement My target audience really wants to avoid For Example: wasting time and energy in Mastering Copywriting Skills; spending months to learn what your customer needs; cheating and rip-offs, etc.

Single Big Pain:

Start with the statement We help you get results so you can AVOID or never have to be SCARED of

Single Big Curiosity Adjective:

Find an ADJECTIVE which generates curiosity in your target audience. For Example: under-the-radar, free, little-known, proven, “black hole”, off-the-record, breakthrough, revolutionary, new

Single Big Negative Curiosity Adjective:

Find a Negative ADJECTIVE curiosity hook. Write 1-3 words. For Example: Get rid of, Stop, Eliminate, Banish

Single Big When Result Adjective:

Find an Adjective which defines how fast results can be achieved. For Example: automatically, quickly, instantly, immediately, fast, in a flash

Single Big Secret:

Start with a statement My audience really wants to know how to. For Example: how to set up a money-making funnel in less than 10 minutes; how to create money making eBooks fast and easy

Single Big Mistake:

Identify Single Big Mistakes your target audience are making in your industry vertical and niche.

Single Big Feature:

Identify the single big product, service or solution idea that can eliminate this mistake or unique to this insight

Single Big Benefit:

Identify the single big benefit of your solution or service. Start with statement: This is important because

Single Big Positive Outcome/Value/Meaning:

What is the Single Big Good Thing they want MORE of?

Single Big Negative Outcome/Value/Meaning:

Identify the single big negative outcome, value or meaning your buyer person will get rid of as a result of using your product or service. Completes the phrase Without For Example: knowing what to say in marketing videos, being a professional copywriter, losing money on ad campaigns, begging for speaking gigs.

Single Big Timeframe for Big Result:

Identify what is the reasonable time needed to get the big results. Start with: You’ll start seeing results in For Example: less than 30 minutes; no time flat; a single weekend; 1 week

Single Big Timeframe for Big Benefit:

Identify what is a reasonable time needed to get the big benefit to my ideal buyer persona. For Example: instantly, 15 minutes, less than 30 minutes, about an hour, an afternoon, a single weekend, 20XX

Single Big Timeframe Urgency for Big Result:

Identify what is the reasonable time needed to get the big results urgently. For Example: How Dollar Shave Club Conquered the Razor Market in 6 Months

Single Big Timeframe Urgency for Big Benefit:

Identify what is a reasonable time needed to get the big benefits urgently. For Example: Fast-Track Your Content Authority Without Mastering Copywriting Skills in less than 30 days

What type of bullets are you creating?:

Identify the type of the bullet list. For Example: Tip; Timestamp; Bonus; Strategy; Page; Point

Main Call to Action:

State here your main Call to Action for your Niche. What action your target audience should perform to get the benefit of your product or service. For Example: Book a Demo Call, Get Pricing, Learn More, Schedule a Live Demo