Define your product’s Emotion Hook

Why is your product or service Emotion Hook important? Connecting your target Niche’s emotional hook with your product or service is offering to make the sales & marketing of the product or service more compelling and resonate with your target audience.


Why do emotions play important roles in sales? Where will you go? What will you do when you get there? Anticipate the objections and eliminate them as you go. Make huge promises! Create an overwhelming desire in your reader to go with you on that trip—no matter what the risk! If you can introduce emotion at this point, you will develop deep rapport.


Again, why is the emotional impact so useful?

In mathematics, one plus one always equals two—never more. In emotional writing, one plus one can often equal ten. In other words, two emotional images joined together in the right way- can often have TEN TIMES the impact that either of these images.


How to introduce Emotions in sales & marketing?

When you layer on emotion, you can achieve a wild amount of rapport. Don’t make it sleazy; just simply call out the particular emotion they have been feeling.


Should you get emotional?

Yes, absolutely. This is where you suck someone into your argument. If you can introduce emotion at this point, you will develop deep rapport.


Product Emotion Hook Love For:

Add a feature of your tool or service which people love to have in their day to day life For Example: Incredibly Easy-to-Use – Just answer a series of fill-in-the-blank questions about your brand, click a button, and voila … out pops a full-blown sales script ready for you to use!

Product Emotion Hook Hate:

Add a Fact which people hate most and describe how your solution can help them with this particular pain For Example: Hate Copywriting for Your Biz? Let Software Do It For You!

Product Emotion Hook Fear of:

Add a fear that People want to overcome and tell how your product can help them. For Example: Is Your Business Struggling? | Save It With CrawlQ Content Creation Toolkit | The All-in-One AI-powered Content Marketing Toolkit

Product Emotion Hook Vanity:

Flatter the reader with praise over their intelligence or smart decision-making if they agree to use your product or solution. For Example: You should definitely buy this Software – you deserve a 6-figure Revenue without onboarding tons of investors.

Product Emotion Hook Pride:

Describe how the product can make your customers feel proud. For Example: X Empowers B2B SaaS Founders to Identify their Ideal Customers, Differentiate from their Competitors, and Optimize Content for Sales

Product Emotion Hook Longing for:

Make a powerful statement that demands an explanation, especially if that statement is controversial. For example: Do this now or else…”That sounds harsh, but the sentiment is there, isn’t it? “Buy now — it’s a limited time offer and it ends fast!” Or better yet, “Sign up now, for a limited time.

Product Emotion Hook Freedom:

Empower your target audience with a statement that expresses freedom among them by using your product or service. For Example: Text gives you the freedom to say goodbye to expensive content writer