Identify Personal, Life & Business Dreams/Desires of your Niche

Why do you need to zoom into the Business dreams and desires of your Ideal Customer Avatar?

By knowing their business dreams and desires, you can really ring bells. So maybe they want to become an authority in their subject. They want to build a successful company; they want to create a sustainable business, protect the environment, and become a leader in their field.


How do you define Personal Dreams and Desires?


What these people want at the end of the day. We are not just at a high level of B2B, B2C. We are going to dive into the deep of the customer world. They are our heroes. They are our guys and gals. Without them, we are nothing. We are not passing judgment, but we are making a scientific hypothesis and critical assumptions about our customers to find their real intent and what makes them buy our product and services.  We acknowledge them as much as humanly possible. Imagine you hang out with them while drinking. 

What they would share with you privately. They will tell you these things when you work with them. When they are under stress, what they do say. For Example: Buy the house of their dreams, Be mentioned in alumni publications, Drive a Porsche or Tesla, Donate money to causes, Make their spouse, parents, children, and close friends proud, Send kids to private school, Proudly talk of their success at, Thanksgiving with family and friends, Be a model citizen; successful, kind, intelligent, generous, and humble, Have the financial freedom to travel the world with their kids.


Business Dream/Desire:

Name business dreams and desires which give real intent to buy your product or service. For Example: Become authority in their field, gain fans base, become coach, influencer, motivator, successful business person. Make it personal!