Why is it important to focus on one person at one time? How does it relate to Niche?

  1. First, let’s make it very clear that we’re focusing on one person at one time. And this one person that we call it the niche.
  2. So the niche is the person. This person has a lot of attributes. This person is someone who you want to know more than himself/herself. Okay. You can take this person on coffee data. If you can’t take the niche out on a date, then it’s not a niche.
  3. So this is a real-life person. They have emotions, dreams, desires, feelings, and troubles; they have worries, have suspicions, have interests, have groups they belong to, have failures, have, and have many things going on. This is actually a person.
  4. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be filling out this person vector.
  5. This will create our data and research entry point to create content for sales pages, home pages, marketing pages, email, and long or short-form social media posts, sales scripts, sales presentations, demo scripts etc.