Digitale transformatie gaat vooral over mensen, niet over technologie

De meerderheid van digitale transformaties faalt, omdat de focus niet op de juiste zaken wordt gelegd. In deze korte video leggen Anna Negenborn en Arjan Udding uit waarom de mens centraal zou moeten staan bij digitale transformaties, en niet de technologie.

Drie onmisbare ingrediënten voor digitale transformaties

De meerderheid van digitale transformaties faalt, omdat de focus niet op de juiste zaken wordt gelegd. In deze korte video leggen Anna Negenborn en Arjan Udding uit welke drie elementen onmisbaar zijn voor een succesvolle transformatie.

Our point of view: Fit-for-the-future: how to build the capacity to lead change and innovate

igital transformation is about people, not technology.

Real change starts with individuals who have the capacity and drive to embrace uncertainty and lead change. We believe becoming fitforthefuture requires a human centric approach, aligning three elements: people, leadership and new ways of working.

People with the capability to lead change must find the courage to transcend the status quo. They thrive in organisations with the appropriate leadership and new ways of working that enable sustainable innovation.

This is not an easy task. Companies will need a strategy that can translate into concrete interventions – addressing the following key questions:

  • How do we overcome the fear of change and embrace uncertainties?
  • What can we do to become less engulfed by the issues of the day and see the bigger picture?
  • How do we build the capacity in our teams to adapt, innovate and lead change?
  • How do we develop the right attitude, knowledge and skills that will help us to be relevant, now and in the future?
  • How do we transform our organisation to achieve outstanding performance and long-term sustainable success?

Please find our point of view on digital transformation in this document.

Please contact Arjan Udding if you would like to discuss how to approach your transformation or receive more information.

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