Become an AI Enabled Professional

This learning path takes you on a journey to become proficient in the application of AI by focussing on the top 10 Applications of AI. You acquire the skills and tools to understand not just why AI is important but also how it works, what the different algorithms are and how and where to apply these.

This program combines three existing learning paths (40-60 hours)  to offer a complete learning journey in AI:

  • Data Driven Foundation (eLearning + 1 day classroom)
    Understand why data has become so important and discover the AI driven business model
  • AI for Business and Government – NL AIC “Brevet” (eLearning + 2 day Classroom)
    Acquire a solid basis in AI covering definitions, algorithms, machine learning, neural networks and how a language model works.
  • Generative AI and Prompt Engineering (eLearning + 1 day classroom)
    Learn Prompt Engineering for text, software, image, animation, voice, music and video generation including Smart Agents.

You will “learn by doing” to apply the “Top 10” applications of AI and thereby acquire the skills that are essential to survive and thrive in the world of Data and AI.

Combine three existing learning paths into a complete course

When you buy this course, you will be given access to three eLearnings and invited to schedule your attendance at the associated classroom sessions. Plan your attendance at each session at a time and pace that suits you!

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