Discover what Generative AI is and how to start using it

Learn about the new phenomenon – Generative AI – and how to start using this. This one-day introduction to Generative AI describes what it is, how it works and how to get started. We also cover risks that you must be aware of when using such services.

This is relevant for all creative professions, business professionals, aspirant data scientists and machine learning engineers, business transformation leaders, IT and Data Managers.

This learning path is provided as an eLearning followed by a classical day workshop

We have designed an eLearning that will equip you with the knowledge that you need and get you started using tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion and Animation editors. Note that you can follow the learning path with free versions of tools but many of the tools used require a subscription to reproduce what your learn in this learning path.

If you are joining us via one of our corporate clients or learning partner organisations, you will have a separate joining instruction. We can also invoice your employer directly if necessary.

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Generative AI (eLearning + Classroom)

We offer two options:

  • eLearning Approach
    This gives you access to the eLearning, which is a complete online package that covers our course content.
  • One Day Classroom
    This gives you access to the eLearning and participation in a one day live classroom session to discuss and apply the concepts in the course.

Start learning!

You can follow the learning path by logging in and clicking on the course shown at the menu option “My journey”.  If you have any questions, please mail us at