Follow your Risk Management journey here

Learn how to balance value protection with value creation!  We have developed a suite of learning paths for business professionals involved in risk management as part of their role and professional risk managers.

We are currently also developing advanced risk management modules with input from leading financial institutions – let us know if you would like to contribute to this.

Step 1: View the learning paths available and consider which you prefer

The following learning paths are on offer:

  • Risk Management Essentials
    This provides a broad basis for Risk Management and is designed for business professionals who are involved in risk management activities as part of their role.
  • Risk Management Foundation
    This equips all risk managers with a solid basis of competence in managing risk throughout the whole risk cycle. Includes psychology of risk taking, and all steps in the risk cycle including risk assessments, control design, monitoring and reporting.

Our programmes cover both soft factors such as behaviour and culture and hard factors such as control design and reporting.

Step 2: Choose how you wish to follow your learning path and buy the preferred option: eLearning, Webinar or Classroom

Choose how you wish to follow your preferred learning path: using the eLearning only; combine eLearning with live participation in a scheduled webinar(s); or combine the eLearning with classroom session(s).

The webinar and classroom options include the eLearning, just select your preferred date from the schedule shown during the purchase process after clicking on the relevant product below.  We recommend that you plan study time to follow the eLearning before the live session.

If you are joining us via one of our corporate clients or learning partner organisations, you will have a separate joining instruction. Mail us if you have any questions (

Step 3: Start learning!

You can follow the learning path by logging in and clicking on the course shown at the menu option “My journey”.  If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our new learning paths, please mail us as