Arie Hakemulder

Arie Hakemulder

Data Management and Interoperability

1 September 2020: AXVECO Team grows with Arie Hakemulder

“If clients experience measurable and sustainable improvement in their business operations, I consider my mission to be successful.”

Therefore I challenge leaders on the ambition to grow their business, using data as the most valuable asset. To optimise customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, process effectiveness and/or product innovation I interconnect with other senior experts and teams that will co-create the best digital strategy, manage to execute that successfully and train the staff to make transitions successful and sustainable.

New technologies will be disrupting the way we work. Business models must be centered around data to be succesful. That is why we need to challenge our current strategy and leadership to define new ways of working, and create the ability to change direction at high speed if circumstances require to do so.

Your Data is playing the most crucial and critical role to enable agility, flexibility and sustainability. FAIR- and Linked Data will enable you to go beyond current data limitations and feed AI, Robotics, Blockchain and other technologies with accurate, reliable, online data. This will enable you to transform data into usable knowledge, insights and predictive dashboards, in other words to be Fit for the Future.

Who I am:

As a sailor I use the sun as my compass, the wind as my motor. The elements are elusive and unpredictable so I go to extremes to discover new treasures. Convinced that we need to cooperate with nature to find more innovative ways to sustain and improve our current life’s.

As a teambuilder and leader I’m truly convinced that sharing and transferring knowledge is the best way to create success and happiness, both in business and in personal lives.