Alex Dowdalls

Alex Dowdalls

Managing Director

Indulge your passion!

At AXVECO, I focus on business model innovation, particularly through the use of new technology. I have over thirty years’ experience in industry, logistics and the financial sector, where I have been at the sharp end of countless change management processes. What a pleasure and privilege it is to be able to say this! Every day I can look forward to new challenges as I stand alongside my colleagues and our valued clients. Having been through a lot of change myself, I am keen to share my knowledge with others and regularly enjoy running training sessions at our learning partners and with our clients.

After many years working with some prominent consultancies, I decided it was time to explore new horizons. I therefore founded AXVECO. I know from experience how hard it can be to reconcile ambition with hard reality. Even large and well-established organizations face an uncertain future. The world around us is changing. Everyone strives to achieve good results and growth but new challenges emerge almost daily. My task is to ensure that those challenges never become insurmountable.

The financial crisis of the late 2000s and Covid-19 of 2020/21 forced change upon us – both good and bad, and we now have to adapt to a new reality. I came to realise that success in business is all about finding an appropriate balance between innovative and new ways of value creation and old fashioned value protection. Entrepreneurship means taking risks in order to achieve results – I challenge everyone to experience this!

We continually need to look outside – see what is happening in our market, what trends are at play.  As we start 2021, we have a new reality, completely new “platform” business models are transforming the world of government, commerce, sport and in our personal lives – the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.

I firmly believe that the people and the companies who adopt new ways of working, embrace new technologies and explore new business models will replace those who do not.  I invite people to join us on a journey into a new future.  Become aware of what is happening, and step up to a new role to play your part in creating your future.

I started AXVECO with the aim of making a difference. I wanted to bridge the gap between value creation and value protection, facilitating innovation and helping to create new business models which would provide solutions to the urgent issues of the day. My aim was – and remains – to create a solid foundation of innovative and risk-aware entrepreneurs in today’s world of constant surprises.

AXVECO focuses on its clients, but we are also working for society as a whole (as notoriously difficult to influence as it is). I derive considerable inspiration and energy from this approach, and so do others. I live by the motto, ‘indulge your passion!’

When not at work, I like to run with my four legged soulmate, and relax with some good food and wine. Whenever I have the chance, I take to the water to experience new adventures. Here, for example, is a clip of when I made some new no-legged friends off
dogger bank” in the North Sea…