Bert Omlo

Bert Omlo

Learning & Development and Agility

I am an AXVECO associate specializing in organizational change, agility and Learning & Development.

Today, many organizations are looking for ways to achieve or maintain their success, to grow and to establish a reputation as an attractive employer. Noble ambitions, but bringing about the right sort of change is often challenging. Working alongside AXVECO, I help organizations to make positive changes, become more flexible and resilient, and to adopt innovations that will enable them to meet their customers’ changing expectations.

I consider myself a decisive professional. I can certainly claim long international experience in the financial sector, business services and in industry. I started my own company, Omlo Consultancy & Project Management, in 2013 after several years with ING Bank, where I held various positions in areas as diverse as HRM, Risk Management and Marketing & Sales. I also have experience in commerce and project management, and have overseen various change processes both within the bank and its insurance arm. Since starting my own firm, I have undertaken projects for EY, Rabobank, KPN, ING and many other prominent organizations.

I have a strong background in business. This means that I speak the client’s language. I understand the change requirements and can devise effective solutions. I am also able to apply new insights and the latest technology in a ‘smart’ way, applying the Scrum and Agile methodologies. This is how I achieve quick, positive results. I believe my energy and focus on results also inspire the teams with whom I work. My seniority, sense of humour and professional demeanour make me a pleasant person to deal with, whether in the boardroom or on the work floor.