Blockchain implementation

Blockchain is being adopted at a considerable speed. What started as the infrastructure behind the bitcoin network is now positioned in a host of new projects and solutions. Because of the decentralized data storage, blockchain is less vulnerable to fraud and hacking, and thanks to the block structure there is always certainty about the source of data and who modified it. Thus, blockchain implementation delivers real value.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain can be compared to a list of data (like a spreadsheet) where everyone has their own copy. A change of data on the blockchain happens in (near) real time at all the copies of the list, which means that everybody deals with the same list. A unique feature of a blockchain is that the change of data is not represented as a direct change of the data, but as an additional rule at the bottom of the list. Blockchain is append-only which makes it impossible to falsify. This makes blockchain valuable: transactions and data are universally accessible, 100% trustworthy and not modifiable; the source of digital assets can be shown and financial securities can be transferred safely and visibly.

For whom is blockchain implementation interesting?

Blockchain is an interesting technology for organisations where trust– of the civilian, customer, and consumer – and integrity are a priority. Blockchain is being regarded as a ‘gamechanger’; a technology which has the potential to transform society.

Thanks to open-source technology, it is now possible to manage and share data more efficiently facilitating new and global financial services. These features make blockchain interesting for companies who manage, share or publish data or financial assets like the government, financial sector, healthcare, insurance, transaction management, supply chain management, utility companies, real estate managers, house brokers and many more.

If you are considering the application of blockchain then we are here to help you.

How Axveco can help

The blockchain impementation services of Axveco comprise advice and guidance, from proof of concept up to solution integration within your company. If blockchain is being considered, Axveco can help to guide you through the implementation process. Our blockchain consultants help you to realise use cases in a proof of concept and transition to building full-scale solutions.

Our advice covers:
• Project management
• Requirements engineering and solution architecture
• Overall methodology and team organisation
• Building, testing, and operationalising the solution (Smart Contracts, Dapps, etc)
• Review of smart contracts for ICO’s, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies
• Coordinating the setup of your ecosystem


Axveco implementation services helps you realise the potential of blockchain within your organisation. Our blockchain consultants identify, analyse, and select use cases. We help to setup business cases and proof of concepts and review them for you. In addition, we can help review choices and resolve technical issues; we can do a readiness assessment and give advice related to the most optimal ecosystem.