Today, I work for more than a month at AXVECO and wow, what an experience this has been. Below, I will describe some of the most memorable experiences during this month, flavoured by (some) related and (some) unrelated feelings as well as some background and an outlook to the future.

Let me start by giving some background about myself: about 1 year ago, I graduated with my BSc Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I could choose to continue my degree in Finance, as I gathered significant (extracurricular) knowledge on this field during my time here. Instead, I decided to continue my education in a field which I was following at that time already for several years: blockchain. I started at the University of Nicosia with a distance-learning MSc. Programme named “MSc in Digital Currencies”. For some, this move might have appeared strange, but I reasoned that Blockchain was here to stay and following this master would for sure guarantee myself of a good (whatever that may be) prospect after my studies. Besides, the course curriculum appealed greatly to me. While following this study, I was very active in the blockchain-scene. I attended and organised many blockchain events and followed the course to call myself a Certified Online Ethereum Developer from B9 Labs. My activities did not stay unnoticed; around half a year ago I had my first meeting with AXVECO about a possible job opportunity.

Fast forward to now, I have been working already for a month at AXVECO while being in the process of finishing my studies. The first week was mainly themed by reviewing and upgrading the AXVECO curriculum. Upgrading included skimming through PowerPoints, but for the Smart-Contract Masterclass, it also included creating new smart-contract examples and even adding a whole new module to the training (“Hackable Smart Contracts”).

After this week, Victor (my colleague) and I set up a development environment for AXVECO and shortly thereafter, I started participating at with my first real project. The aim of this project is to let an international company with many subsidiaries gain efficiency in settling their balances internally; currently, the company is working with an internal accounting system, combined with a third party that does netting over all the invoices, but Blockchain, as is correctly reasoned can enable this internal netting and invoicing in a more efficient manner. How exactly we aim to finish this project goes beyond the scope of this blog, but it is exciting to work on and I have gained a tremendous amount of experience already (from this single project!).

The second project is about to start and I am readying myself to start on this project as well. How can Blockchain register in an indisputable way whether medicine was taken or not? This is the question for this project and within 6 weeks, my team, the client and I hope to have a fulfilling answer to this question plus a working demo.

Lastly, my experience with the AXVECO team has been very positive. There is a very positive spirit within AXVECO and my colleagues all work with passion on their jobs. The team spirit is great and the fact that AXVECO is currently in an expansionary phase makes things even more interesting.

That was it for now. Thank you for reading this far and if my experience made you interested in hearing more about AXVECO, whether this may be finding out if we can help you or your company or whether you personally fit in the AXVECO team, please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues.


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Rinke Hendriksen (
Rinke has obtained a rich knowledge and experience in the fields of Economics, Blockchain and Programming. He is determined to leverage his knowledge such that a real change is triggered.

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