• What can you do to become less engulfed by the issues of the day and see the bigger picture?

  • How do you overcome the fear of change and embrace uncertainties?

  • How do you build the capacity in your teams to adapt, innovate and lead change?

  • How do you develop the right attitude, knowledge and skills that will help you to be relevant, now and in the future?

  • How do you transform your organisation to achieve long-term sustainable success?

Our mission is to help you embrace new technologies to transform your organisation

Transformation is the new norm. In a world of uncertainty and fundamental changes adapting to changing circumstances is a prerequisite to survive and flourish. Product cycles shorten, digital technology is all pervasive, competitors come from unexpected corners and traditionally separate domains converge.

After working with multiple organisations we understand why some innovation and transformation programmes succeed and why many others are failing. 

We understand why individuals become frustrated and why many innovation activities have generated innovation tourism and demos, but few real deliverables. We understand how innovation in large organisations is very different from start-ups.

Real change starts with individuals who have the capacity to embrace uncertainty and lead

Embracing new technologies to innovate and change hits organisations in their core. It has large implications for the way we work, the way we organise ourselves, our governance and control principles, our culture and behaviours and our skills and capabilities.

The majority of (digital) transformations fail, however, because they mainly focus on technology and forget people. The secret to a successful transformation lies in a human centred approach aligning three elements. 

People with the capability to lead change must find the courage to transcend the status quo. They thrive in organisations with the appropriate leadership and new ways of working that enable sustainable innovation.

So, how does your capacity to innovate and transform stack up against the need for change?

You need to know where you are to find the best route to get somewhere else. 

Our AXVECO Innovation Monitor (AIM) helps you to assess where you stand and what you should do your to increase your capacity to innovate and change. 

We create this insight from two perspectives:

1) Does the sense of urgency to innovate correspond with the speed of change of your business environment?

2) Does your capacity to innovate and change fulfil the need to transform?

How we can help you

Get inspired by others

A key enemy of innovation is so-called dominant logic, the established beliefs that constrain creative thinking. 

One way to break through this phenomenon is to really open up your mind to possibilities, to think in a different way, to get inspired by learning from others.

We can help you discover new perspectives and explain why some innovation and transformation programmes succeed and why many others are failing. 

Break down limiting thinking

Changing behaviour is difficult. Change will not succeed when individuals keep a limited perception based on their old status quo. They need to increase awareness of their own capabilities and potential outside their old identity and start to trust and build their new capabilities for a new reality.

We can help you build a growth mindset, awareness and intrinsic motivation prior to learning new knowledge or skills.

Build new skills and capabilities

Organisations need to build new capabilities and adopt new ways of working. Compositions of jobs and the required skills are shifting. 

Learning should be a continuous process aligned to the work environment of professionals to address their actual development needs.

We can help you design and implement effective learning strategies with measurable business impact and tangible value to the organisation.

Adapt your organisation and ways of working

New skills, knowledge and behaviours need to become an integral part of the way we work. Conditions should be created to prevent us from falling back into old behaviours.

We can help you to adapt your governance, organisation and ways of working to remove barriers and create the perfect environment for putting the new capabilities into practice.

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