Rinke Hendriksen

Rinke Hendriksen

Blockchain Developer and Consultant

Being at the center of change

The world around us is changing at a radical pace and being at the center of this change gives me energy every day. I have a background in economics and finance, with a BSc. Economics and Business eEconomics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with all the credentials to call myself a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

Nevertheless, when I was on the verge of continuing my development in this line one year ago, I decided to not follow the standard path and chose to continue with another big interest of me: Blockchain. Fast forward to now, I can only say that it has been a very successful choice at that time. In my position as a Blockchain developer and consultant at Axveco, I can leverage my deep knowledge of Blockchain by advising clients how they can utilize the potential of Blockchain in the best possible way. The down to earth knowledge from economics and finance is still serving me every day in this process. Besides, I am responsible for the actual realization of the blockchain implementations, which brings a big responsibility, since creating smart contracts is like writing code for a rocket to the moon; once it is live, it cannot be changed anymore.

At my job, I enjoy contact with the client, the mental challenges given by designing and implementing solutions and the deep discussions with colleagues and peers about advancing the blockchain industry as a whole.