Cash Management by Design

With AXVECO Cash Management books are kept aligned automatically, no need for reconciliations and payments are netted on your request. This leads to fewer errors and less rework and shorter and more efficient end-of-year accounting!

The problem of many enterprises

Intercompany payments are expensive, because books are not aligned, they don’t add financial value and they’re a result of risk spreading.

They’re causing expensive reconciliation, sub-par quality management reports and wasted time.

3rd party accountants check the books periodically post factum, leading to a stressful period for your employees and unnecessarily expensive external fees.

Netting of cash transfers in between different subsidiaries often outsourced which is expensive and inflexible.

Our solution

Cash management by design enforces agreement on all facets of a transaction at the point it is happening. Which means post-factum checks mainly concerned with the integrity of the technology used, fewer errors arise and less rework needed and shorter and more efficient end-of-year accounting.

Modular system interoperates with legacy systems, expandable to other parties in the supply chain and no need to use the same ERP or bank.

Fully adaptable to any type of transaction or organisation: internal Purchase orders, management / IT fees, transfer pricing and allocation of costs.