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Learning PathBlocksJanuary 2023FebruaryMarchAprilMayJune
Data Driven Foundation15 January2 March27 April22 June
Data Management Foundation112 January9 March4 May29 June
Linked Data Essentials29 February 6 April1 June
BI, Visualisation and Storytelling117 February14 April9 June
AI Essentials119 January16 March11 May
AI Foundation226-27 January23-24 March18-19 May
AI for Business (NL AIC)226-27 January23-24 March18-19 May
Blockchain Essentials114 February11 April6 June
Blockchain Foundation117 January14 March9 May
Smart Contracts (two days)
231 January
(day one)
1 February
(day two)
29-30 March24-25 May
Tokenisation, Digital Assets and DeFi128 February
Web3 and Metaverse11 February29 March24 May
Growth Foundation13 January7 March2 May27 June