How it works

Welcome to the “logged in” area of our site.  You can now make use of the Learning Platform and follow designated journeys.

Known problems

We have just completed a software update to enable better language capability and we have some gremlins which we are now resolving.  The following issues are known are will be resolved soon:

  • The navigation arrows at the left/right sides of your screen in the learning path lead to wrong modules
    Please do not use these for now – navigate using the normal course overview, lesson content / left panel or the big buttons at the bottom of each lesson/topic. These work as expected.
  • Front end translation tools may not present Quiz scores correctly
    If you are using a front end tool to auto-translate the EN source text to a local language then the results of scores can be shown incorrectly. Change to EN to see the correct results.  We cannot influence translation tools in use on your browser or laptop.
  • If you change language to NL when logged in you may see placeholder Dutch courses
    Just ignore these for now – we have enabled support of Dutch language variants of courses and have some placeholder empty dutch course information present. Please switch to English to follow the learning paths that you have chosen.

Menu options

You have a number of menu options here:

  • Support

    This page.

  • Profile (and Billing Account)

    You can update your profile and enter a Promotion Code here.  If you have paid individually for a journey, then all the billing information can be found via the “Billing Account” link.

  • Groups

    If you have been allocated to a Group then you will see general information about your group here.  This includes contact details for your coordinator.

    If you are a Group Leader then you will see an option to view an overview of all participants in your allocated Groups.  This takes you to the “ProPanel” and you can select the information you desire in the self service panel at the right of the screen.

  • My journey

    This shows the learning journey that you are following.  This is where you can start following the chosen journey.  If you have multiple journeys, then they are listed here.  You can see your progress on each journey here.

  • All journeys

    This shows all available journeys.  You can select a journey by clicking on the “Enroll” option.  Follow the steps indicated to purchase or start the journey.

  • Contact

    Send us a question and we will get back to you.

Following a journey

Each journey has an introduction with learning objectives and a curriculum – this is the list of modules in the journey.  You can expand and collapse these to see what is covered in the journey.

You follow the journey by clicking on the “Lessons” and “Topics” of the journey.  Some journeys require you to follow an order and others are free to follow in any order.  Once you complete a lesson or topic, you need to “Mark as Complete” to make progress through the course.

The content of the journey is contained mostly at the topic level and can have many forms including video, interactive video, screen demonstration and invites to webinars or virtual classroom sessions.  This is indicated in the journey.

The cost of each journey is shown on the journey overview.  For journeys offered via an employer or learning partner then specific arrangements may have been made such that you do not need to pay directly to join the journey.

Online self-study and group sessions

A journey may include a webinar, virtual classroom or other opportunity to interact live with the tutor or other participants. This is indicted at the topic level which is positioned at a relevant moment in the journey. This creates a blended learning path with a combination of self-study and live interaction sessions.

The joining instruction for a live event is indicated in the topic content.


You will find a “Quiz” at various stages of a journey.  These help you to test your knowledge of the material and achievement of the learning objectives.  There may be quizzes after a number of lessons or just at the end of the journey.

Certificate of Participation

Once a journey is complete, you will receive a certificate of participation.  This may be issued by us or the partner organisation through which you follow our programme.


We are working on a range of enhancements and these will become live over time.  These are additional features and do not impact your progress or history in a journey.

Our roadmap includes:

  • New modules for Data Management and Growth
  • Replacing the “Ask me anything” with a more tailored option to have contact with a tutor
  • Language variants of courses
  • Single Sign-on functionality
  • Community support per interest area

Please let us know if you would like to see other features.

Service availability

We have a continuous improvement and rapid security update process in place and may perform small updates each day for a short period at 12:00 and 24:00. The system can be off line for 5 minutes at these times.

In order to install larger updates we have to suspend service briefly.  We will notify you of any significant changes or service outages by email.


If you have any questions then please mail us via or contact us and we will help you further.