Some of the biggest companies in the world are platform business’. The platform business is a business model that uses technology to connect people. Organizations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which amazing amount of value can be created and exchanged.

Any industry in which information is an important ingredient is a candidate for platformization. That includes businesses whose ‘product’ is information (eg. education, media, product information, etc.) but also any business where access to information about customer needs, price fluctuations, supply and demand, and market trends have value – which includes almost every business.

In this short lecture we will zoom in on how these networked business models are changing the shape of industries and business’ in general.

We will cover 3 topics:

  1. The changing landscape: The Rise of Platforms
  2. The impact of the rise of platforms: The Platform Paradigm Shift
  3. The three most important Levers for Success:
    1. Engage Multiple Sides of a Market
    2. Create Network Effects
    3. Become Data Driven