Your next step

Our learning paths are designed to help a wide range of people in different roles to understand Data and AI and apply this in their environment. There are multiple starting points in this journey and different paths are more relevant for different roles – how do you then choose where to start and what your next step is?

We have created two videos to illustrate how you can choose where to start or, if you have already followed one of our learning paths and wish to learn more – what is your next step? In these videos we describe the ideal flow between our learning paths but we also emphasise that it does not matter where you start – each learning path is a stand alone learning product.

You can start at any place and then go back to an earlier module to better understand the fundamentals or you can progress to a later module to apply your knowledge and gain business benefit.

Where to start and where to go next to learn about Data and AI?

In this 5 min video, we explain the steps that we believe are necessary to understand and apply data and AI. This can help you as an individual to choose the best starting point and next steps and it serves as a guide in an organisation to set up a program of learning to help a large community of people to collectively understand and apply Data and AI.

Designing role based learning journeys

In this 4 min video, we give examples of how to construct a role based learning journey choosing the learning paths which are most relevant for each role. This is relevant for an individual making a choice and for an organisation, offering multiple learning journeys across a large community of employees.

Overview of learning paths and dates in our open schedule

If you are following our learning paths as an individual then you can book your next step via the links below. If you are managing learning for an organisation, then contact to discuss an in-company version of these journeys.

Learning PathClassroom +
€ ex BTW
Data Driven Foundation
(Best seller)
79512 May4 June
28 June
4 July23 August3 September
Data Management for AI79517 May6 June5 July30 August10 September
Linked Data Essentials795126 Juneon demand
Linked Data Foundations1.5952on demand
Linked Data Conceptual Modelling795126 Juneon demand
BI, Visualisation and Storytelling79518 May24 June9 September
AI Essentials
(Best seller)
795116 May3 June9 July6 September
AI Foundation1.695227 - 28 May13 - 14 June
24 June (Day 1)
1 July (Day 2)9 September (Day 1)
16 September (Day 2)
AI for Business (NL AIC BREVET)
(Best seller)
1.495227 - 28 May13 - 14 June
24 June (Day 1)
1 July (Day 2)9 September (Day 1)
16 September (Day 2)
Generative AI & Prompt Engineering
(Best seller)
795114 May
22 May (English)
30 May
6 June
18 June
11 July
22 July
21 August5 September
27 September
Ethics of Data and AI795115 May11 June
Blockchain Foundation7951on demand
Growth795113 May10 June
20 June
10 July
31 July
Digital Marketing with AI 795131 May27 June20 September