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Why should business leaders learn to apply Automated Machine Learning?

From data analysis to decision engineering: Why business leaders should learn to apply Automated Machine Learning The largest companies in the modern world as measured by equity value (market capitalisation) are high tech companies – Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet/Google and Facebook.  These companies have data as a key asset and have proven that this data […]

Libra (Facebook-coin) – a first analysis

Ten years after its own launch, Facebook, in cooperation with 27 other parties has announced the launch of the Libra project. The project is run by the Libra Association, a Swiss, not-for-profit membership organization. They released various documents, including a clear whitepaper where the Libra blockchain and cryptocurrency is explained. We believe this is a […]

AXVECO Fit-for-the-Future: building the capacity to lead and innovate

Digital transformation is about people, not technology. Real change starts with individuals who have the capacity and drive to embrace uncertainty and lead change. We believe becoming fitforthefuture requires a human centric approach, aligning three elements: people, structures and new ways of working. People with the capability to lead change must find the courage to […]