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Avoiding the endless staircase of a Data Lake

Avoid the endless staircase of a Data Lake – create value with Linked Data instead! By Alex Dowdalls and Arie Hakemulder Many traditional organisations are currently toiling on Master Data Management (MDM) or Data Lake projects with seemingly no end in sight. Managers believe that they firstly need a data lake before they can create value with […]

AI – the future of work

Published via the RightBrains platform 1 June 2021. Alex Dowdalls is no stranger to the RightBrains community. As the founder and Director of AXVECO, Alex aims to help organisations renew their business models through data and technology, maintaining the delicate balance between the creation and protection of value and bringing these two worlds closer together. […]

Reference over Axveco by Mark Visser, CEO hihaho

A digitally transformed approach to digital transformation – using learning technology to learn about technology! Axveco is a consulting company which helps clients renew their business model using data and new technology. This involves giving advice on new technologies and providing a range of training services to raise awareness of, and develop competence in, a […]

Our world is not just mirrored in a data world – it’s being driven by it

Nine of the top 10 currently most valuable companies in the world are technology majors, Tesla is already worth more than the next nine major car manufacturers combined, Apple is worth more than the entire FTSE 100. Unicorn startups such as Revolut, Klarna and Adyen are disrupting financial services whilst innovative rising stars disrupt other […]

Decentralised Finance – Innovation versus Compliance!

Zero to $1.27 bn in a week – too good to be true? Yes – because SushiSwap founder ‘Chef Nomi’ cashed in and disappeared causing his innovative new proposition to collapse in value. All this within a week – Zero to $1.27 bn back to (near) zero. But how is that possible? I hear you […]