Reference over Axveco by Mark Visser, CEO hihaho

A digitally transformed approach to digital transformation – using learning technology to learn about technology!

Axveco is a consulting company which helps clients renew their business model using data and new technology. This involves giving advice on new technologies and providing a range of training services to raise awareness of, and develop competence in, a range of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Blockchain.

Axveco came to hihaho in 2019 with a request for support for a suite of new learning paths centered around the data driven business model, new technology and Artificial Intelligence in particular. Hihaho helped Axveco by providing a testbed environment in which Axveco could use a range of features of the hihaho interactive video platform to make a suite of interactive eLearnings.

It is now both impressive and rewarding to see that Axveco has pioneeried with advanced learning technologies to deliver their range of learning and consulting services. The “Go Data Driven” consulting approach is now fully enabled with a suite of eLearnings, the AI Essentials and Foundation programs have become accredited by EXIN to the international BCS syllabus. A new FAIR Data Management approach is now being delivered via interactive eLearning.

This has positioned Axveco head and shoulders above traditional consulting companies as they use hihaho interactive video technology coupled with a Learning Management System to transform an industry accustomed to powerpoint and labour intensive workshops.  Participants in the programs praise the use of interactive video in particular, and the enjoyable learning experience when this is combined with a LMS. The use of blended learning and consulting also delivers a credible alternative to classical classroom workshops and training during the COVID pandemic – the blended approach is highly rated, has a lower cost and delivers the learning objectives in a shorter time. Participants in the live webinars confirm they understand the technologies having followed the interactive eLearnings.

In addition, Axveco is partnering with a range of educational institutions to deliver these learning paths in a white label format via the institutions and to enable other consulting companies to use the Axveco approach with their own consultants providing implementation. A platform model in a traditional industry!

These eLearnings are now a reference in the consulting sector as they epitomize the technology shift on which they are focused! This is a company that takes its own medicine and is reshaping consulting and technology education.

The Axveco learning paths have been highly rated on Springest (9,2 average) with participants emphasizing the interactive video as a key component of the user experience and the hihaho interactive videos have already been watched no less than 20,000 times since their launch in spring 2020. Hihaho is delighted to have partnered with Axveco to jointly create a technology enabled approach to the adoption of new technology!

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