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Estimated time8-10 hours
PrerequisitesData Driven Foundation (recommended)
Next stepsArtificial Intelligence or Growth

This journey prepares you to influence management decision making using visualisations of data.  The techniques used are key to being data driven – and these differ from the traditional approach to designing a business.  We give you the theory, show leading examples and give you exercises to use free versions of tools to create your first visualisations.

We take you through a series of steps, starting with the basic theory and techniques of data visualisation and progressing to advanced examples that are transforming the way we plan and manage business today. We cover what is known as “Business Intelligence” creating interactive management reports, show how to visualise complex data in an understandable manner and finally guide you to construct and tell a story using data.  By the end of the learning path, you will be able to influence management decision making!

This learning journey is tool agnostic – we do not depend upon any specific tool but show what tools exists and what they can do.  We include examples from both leading vendors and free open source solutions including Tableau, Power BI, Paraview, NVIDIA and BigML.

The learning objectives are:

  • Explore data including “Big Data”
  • Understand how data plays a central role in decision making in a Data Driven Business
  • Develop Business Intelligence based interactive reports –  covering leading tools such as Tableau and Power BI
  • Visualise complex data using advanced visualisation tools and graphical formats
  • Learn how to apply a structured data analysis methodology
  • Build your BI toolkit
  • Raise your awareness of ethics and risks associated with data
  • Develop a plan to implement BI, Data Analytics and Data Management in your business

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Supporting Decision Making with Data
Visualising complex data
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Ethics and risks relating to data, BI and AI
Preparing to apply BI
Summary and next steps
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