Data Management for AI – Foundation

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Estimated time6-8 hours (1 day)
PrerequisitesData Driven Foundation (Highly Recommended)
Next stepsAI or BI learning paths
FAIR or Linked Data learning paths

Data Management for AI – Foundation helps you to understand the key components of Data Management, develop a Data Strategy and an implementation plan for your organisation. The approach describes the Data Management components needed to operate as a Data Driven Leader and achieve success in our data driven world. This aims to elevate your data management capability enabling your organisation to manage data as a critical factor for business success. This learning path is designed to enable data management in general and data management specifically for Artificial Intelligence.

Our Data Management approach includes and goes beyond generic process-based approaches such as DAMA DMBOK2 or FAIR by including specific recommendations to manage data as a source of competitive advantage:

  1. Enabling Data usage by both Humans and Machines,
  2. Managing digital twins across an ecosystem and between business partners
  3. Generating digital assets from data that change the competitive position of your organisation
  4. Selecting infrastructure and vendors including cloud services
  5. Preparing your data to compete in ecosystems including developments such as tokenisation, Web3 and Metaverse

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand why data is important today and why companies struggle with it
  • Attain fundamental literacy around the key concepts of ‘data’ and ‘big data’ and ‘data management’
  • Learn how to manage data to enable value creation with the data
  • Discover the Data Driven Leader’s approach to managing data
  • Develop your own data strategy (individually or as a team)
  • Choose the infrastructure and vendors you need to operate as a Data Leader
  • Implement data management in your organisation
  • Assess and continually enhance your data management maturity

The course refers to many external sources including DAMA DMBOK2, FAIR and Linked Data and other relevant Frameworks and Standards.

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The Impact of Data
What is Data?
what is Data Management?
How to create value with Data Management?
Your Data Management Implementation Plan
Data Management Assessment
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