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ChatGPT, Death of cookies, First Party Data, Intelligent Agents and the transformation of the search market. These are just a few of the major changes that are transforming business and society, and with this – transforming marketing. We live in a world of data and the widespread adoption of AI to use data in a smart manner has rewritten the rules of competition in many sectors of the economy and aspects of society.

Data, Analytics, Generative AI, Prompt Engineering and algorithms have become the new tools of marketing. Mapping a customer journey is now frustrated by IP address masking, session refreshes and cookie blocking. Third party data providers can no longer guarantee the data they collect due to the blocking of “SDK”s in smartphones. Regulations are already in place that fundamentally change how businesses collect, share and use consumer data. This complicates life for the traditional marketing professional requiring an awareness of a whole new world of data, AI, technology, new tools, risks and ethical questions.

How should marketing change in a Data and AI driven world?

In this learning path we guide marketing professionals through the data and AI driven changes which have redrawn the marketing landscape, help you to understand new data driven business models and how they excel in understanding customers, we get you started with the new “tools of the trade” and help you to develop an approach for Digital Marketing within your business environment.

This eLearning complements our existing Digital Marketing course which has been enjoyed by over 400 marketing professionals and helps you to learn the skills you need when and where you want. In addition to being a stand alone and complete course, this eLearning is now a mandatory preparation for our new “blended learning” Digital Marketing Foundation classroom session in which you apply the skills you learned, engage in discussion and review, and enhance your plan for Digital Marketing with peers and experienced tutors.

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand why Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are vital for marketing
  • Acquire basic skills in Data and Artificial Intelligence for marketing
  • Discover how (first party) data and AI have transformed digital marketing
  • Build your first AI models for first party data analysis
    • SEO with ChatGPT / GPT-4 including prompt engineering
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation using data analytics
    • Segmentation using clustering (and analysis per segment for personas/ICP)
    • Behaviour prediction using AI (motivators, conversion, churn and patterns)
  • Review new regulations, ethical dilemma’s and risks
  • Develop your digital marketing approach

Version history

  • 8 January 2024
    Versions 1.0 launched as independent learning path and as a mandatory precursor to our highly acclaimed Digital Marketing Foundation classroom sessions.

Course Content

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Why Digital Marketing?
The Paradigm Shift in Data Driven Business Models
What is AI?
Search and How to be Found
Segmentation and Customer Behaviour Analysis
Using AI for Creative Communications
Ethics of using AI in Marketing
Your marketing plan for growth
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