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This module enables you to take the EXIN BCS Essentials or Foundation exam.  By purchasing this module you will be supplied with a coupon which can be used to sign up for the exam.  As standard practice, the exam is delivered through an independent body – in this case EXIN – with whom you schedule when you wish to take the exam.

The Axveco learning path is designed specifically to prepare you for the exam.  Where relevant we list the key learning points which are addressed by the exam at the bottom of all relevant modules.  We recommend that you schedule your exam shortly after completing the learning path – that way the information is still fresh in your mind when taking the exam.

The coupon is valid for a year from the time of purchase.  You can enter the coupon details on the EXIN exam site selecting the relevant exam (AI Essentials or Foundation) and the language of the exam (e.g. English or Dutch).

Once you have purchased this module, we will contact you to share the coupon and help you register for the exam at a time of your choice.  Note that a purchase of this module in 2020 also enables you to take the exam in 2021.

We wish you success in completion of the exam!