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PrerequisitesFAIR Awareness (optional)
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Welcome to the FAIR Data Stewardship learning path. Here you will learn the characteristics that are important for good Data Stewardship and expand these with the implementation of FAIR Principles and FAIR Data.

Virtually all organisations depend on data for their business operations. Many successful organisations developed a Data-Driven strategy. Data stewardship guarantees and manages, among other things, that data is of high quality, reliable, available, current, relevant and secure. The data steward is ultimately responsible for this and connects business strategy, IT strategy, data strategy and implementation.

FAIR Principles offer an innovative solution to the obstacles that we face in traditional data management due to enormous volumes, complexity, diversity, high user requirements and the ever-increasing growth rate of the amount of stored data.

This learning path enables data stewards to build and maintain FAIR Data Stewardship in their organisation. This course focuses on the knowledge, skills and capabilities (KSA) required for Data Stewardship and how to implement and manage the FAIR data principles.

In addition to the technical content, you will learn the organisational prerequisites for FAIR Data Stewardship. By the end of this course you will have the answers to the following questions:

  • Why do we need FAIR Data Stewardship?
  • What is FAIR Data Stewardship?
  • How to implement and embed FAIR Data Stewardship?
  • What can it do for me and my organisation?

This course will conclude with a closing lesson and a final quiz. Depending on your score you will be awarded a certificate of attendance. We therefore encourage you to follow the complete course and position yourself with sufficient knowledge and skills to be the indispensable FAIR Data Steward for your organisation.

Enjoy the journey!

Arie Hakemulder

Materials for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

In this course we provide learning materials required to build the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) for the role of FAIR Data Steward.

These KSAs are in turn translated into learning objectives (following Bloom’s taxonomy). In addition to the FAIR Data Steward specific competencies, generic professional competencies, such as good communication and collaboration skills, are also required.


Course Content

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Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship
Why we need FAIR Data Stewardship
What is FAIR Data Stewardship
How to implement FAIR Data Stewardship
What is FAIR Data Stewardship for you
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Lesson Content
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