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This learning path is a fasttrack approach to help you see the world through the lens of data and AI, and grow your business!

We will make you aware of the key changes taking place in our world today and the capabilities necessary for you to become data driven and drive business growth.  We take you at high speed through a curated selection of our learning modules to help you quickly appreciate:

  1. why you need to be data driven now
  2. what being data driven means for your business model
  3. what AI is and why it is important to remain competitive
  4. the leadership imperative to enable humans and machines to coexist
  5. what you need to do now to get started

We end with a data driven readiness assessment tool which is benchmarked with other participants to help you understand the gaps.  This can be run collectively by a team within an organisation to arrive at an organisational view of capabilities needed.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!