AI for Business & Government

Estimated time16-20 hours
PrerequisitesData Driven Foundation (recommended)
Next stepsData Driven Growth

Prepare to win with “AI for Business & Government”

This learning journey prepares senior managers to make decisions related to the application of AI in their business environment and it equips business professionals with the skills necessary to work on an AI initiative.  This programme has been established by the The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) and we have been intimately involved with its development, including authoring the syllabus itself and supporting the creation of an exam based certification.

This programme covers all the key aspects of AI that managers and professionals need to know.  This includes the applications and benefits, the machine learning techniques and algorithms, the use of data and the ethical and societal implications to make AI trustworthy.  The programme ends with a review of how humans and machines will collaborate in the new digital age and highlights future developments of AI technology.

The syllabus can be found in the course materials section above.  This is based upon widely accepted academic and governmental references.

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand why Data and Artificial Intelligence are vital for your future
  • Appreciate what AI is, why it is important now and what benefits it brings
  • Understand robotics, algorithms and machine learning approaches
  • Able to organise a team for AI, define approaches and common tools required
  • Understand the dependence AI has upon data and how to manage data for AI
  • Able to assess risks and ethical dilemmas for Trustworthy AI
  • Can describe how humans and machines will coexist in an organisation
  • Is aware of the future directions of AI

You can follow the learning path and then take the Van Haren exam to gain your certification as AI professional.

Version History:

  • Version 2.0 – Updates being incorporated on the basis of feedback (During Jan/Feb 2023):
    • Indication of Mandatory or Optional content versus the syllabus (in each lesson)
    • Rationalisation of modules to reduce overal time commitment
    • Enable Captions in videos and accelerated playback
    • Enable auto-translate to non EN language starting with NL
    • Add module(s) on recent developments (Open AI, ChatGTP) and exam guidance
  • Version 1.0 – Original version launched in November 2021