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One of our most popular courses and with more than 4.000 participants.  Enter the world of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Ecosystems.  During this programme we explain why blockchain is a key technology for the future, what it is (including a simulation), applications and the governance, risk and compliance issues it raises.

Our programme focuses on three main aspects of blockchain:

  • The new business models, ecosystems and platforms that it enables
  • The technology itself including smart contracts and different types of blockchains
  • The risks and compliance challenges which this revolutionary technology has raised

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand what Blockchain is and the key differences between different types of blockchain
  • Discover how blockchain is already creating disruptive change in many industries
  • Apply blockchain within (and outside) your company to create new business models and opportunities
  • Learn what a smart contract is and how these apply to new business models
  • Become aware of the key risks related to blockchain and what measures you can take to mitigate these

The journey is offered as a Webinar or as a Classical Classroom session until we have the online version live.  We also can also run the session as variants to contain the timeframe to one, two or four hours or to tailor the programme to your industry, technical ability or profession (e.g. legal or financial).

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Blockchain Basics
Smart contracts, tokens and digital assets
Blockchain Applications
Governance, Risk and Compliance of Blockchain
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