Ethics of Data and AI

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AI is a powerful tool – which can be used in both a positive or a negative manner. In Business, Government, Security Services and Society at large, Data and AI are having a transformational impact. The recent meteoric adoption of Generative AI solutions has accelerated the use of, and dependence upon, innovative applications on our smartphones and laptops, in the devices we use and the information we receive. We are surrounded by applications of Data and AI!

In parallel with the adoption of “good” applications, we have been confronted with examples of applications which were biased, misleading and deliberately “bad”.  The Cambridge Analytica Scandal introduced us to mass market, individual manipulation using Data and AI. Deep Fake videos were both amusing but also disturbing, particularly when the quality of the fake video is elevated to a level that is indistinguishable to the human eye. Data collection reached a pandemic proportion and companies such as Microsoft and Apple began blocking cookies and third party data collection. In addition, many well intentioned initiatives launch applications which were biased, enabled toxic content or could generate adverse reactions in society.

The key question is: How to deal with ethics in Data and AI?

We cannot uninvent technology – but we can develop sound ethical use policies which enable the benefits of data and AI whilst managing the risk of adverse effects or negative reactions with customers and in society. Indeed there are already many emerging guidelines and good practices that serve as examples.

This course guides you to the development of an ethical use policy for your data and AI applications. It can be used by any business, non-profit initiative or government agency as a guideline into the field of ethics in relation to data and AI. We help you formulate a proactive policy around the ethical use of data and AI, understand the risks involved and prepare communication to allay fears and address concerns.  This is aimed at increasing the adoption of data and AI in society, for the benefit of society.

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand Ethics in relation to Data and AI
  • Develop your approach for ethical usage of Data and AI
  • Discover how to collect data in a sound, legal and ethical manner
  • Learn to deal with unintended problems, bias and surprises
  • Review legal issues in relation to AI generated content
  • Design for explainability and transparency
  • Become aware of future trends

This learning path can be followed using this eLearning alone or combined with a live workshop in which you will apply the knowledge you have gained to develop an Ethics Policy for your organisation.

We have used prompt engineering with Generative AI in the development of this learning path (mainly GPT-4 and Midjourney) to showcase how AI can help learning in an ethically sound manner.