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Welcome to our Generative AI learning path.  Given the emergence and rapid adoption of new tools such as ChatGPT, Large Language Models, Stable Diffusion image generators, and voice/music engines it is now possible for everyone to make creative content with high quality, quickly and at low cost.

In this learning path we address the following:

  • Prompt Engineering
    These are the instructions which you need to direct image and video generators to create high quality content
  • Text
    This includes documents, translations, books, emails, SEO optimisations and many more
  • Images
    This includes all types of images that AI can create from artwork to landscapes and realistic avatars
  • Sound and voice
    This includes spoken text with a chosen voice profile and music or other sounds generated by AI
  • Video and mini-movies
    All the above elements can be combined to produce short videos of animated avatars performing a role or speaking a text
  • Software
    AI can now be used to generate the software or HTML type structures that are required to produce working systems
  • Others
    We will also cover other types of content that can be created by AI

This course is relevant for business professionals, designers, artists, copyrighters, musicians and any creative professional.  You will learn how AI can now be used to generate near human quality content in a wide variety of applications.

The learning objectives are:

  1. Discover how you can use AI to generate many types of content quickly and cheaply
  2. Learn the basic concepts involved from the field of AI and neural networks
  3. Understand how to direct large language models to produce your desired content (ChatGPT, GPT-4 etc)
  4. Build your own avatar for use in videos, games or a Metaverse
  5. Learn by applying generative AI in a range of applications including text, Image, Voice, Avatars and Animated Video
  6. Review ethical and legal issues with this technology and the risks that it raises
  7. Start creating your own content

We are sure you will find this both informative as well as highly amusing.


Version Updates

  • Version 1.1 Updated 20 October 2023
    • Dall-E 3 and image generation from BingChat/GPT4
    • Prompt Engineering maturity levels and examples
    • New features of GPT added: Advanced Data Analysis (& document production). browse with Bing, new plugins
  • Version 1.0 Launched March 2023

Course Content

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Introduction to Generative AI
Text and Prompt Engineering
Image Generation
Voice, Music and Video Generation
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Generating software
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Ethics, Legal Issues and Risks
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