Linked Data for Practitioners – Essentials (Version 2022)

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Much of our collective knowledge of the world is represented as data in IT-systems. Bringing together data from these systems to provide a holistic view has become impossibly complex. To create a sustainable information society, we must overcome this obstacle and reach the next level: a level where data can flow freely and be used for multiple purposes, independently of the IT-system in which the data were created.

Linked Data provides a radical solution to this problem. It is a set of standards, technologies, tools, and methods. With Linked Data, computers are freed from the constraint that limits them to only work with predefined data. Linked Data finds its roots in the early 1990s. Now, Linked Data is mature and ready to be a game changer.

This learning journey takes you through the essentials of Linked Data. The journey starts from the core concepts, with the goal of grasping why things are designed the way they are. Your journey then continues covering more concrete subjects. You will do practical hands-on exercises. Also covered are the semantic web, knowledge graphs, data fabric and FAIR data. You will understand why Linked Data is essential in all of these. A combination of theory and practice will enable you to grasp and experience the practicalities of Linked Data.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Understand which problems Linked Data solves and why this is vital to our future
  • Appreciate the fundamental ideas on which Linked Data is built
  • Learn the basics of the core standards RDF, RDFS, OWL, SHACL and SKOS
  • Learn to query data sets using SPARQL
  • Gain hands-on experience with Linked Data
  • Learn to apply widely used methods, design patterns and best practices
  • Become aware how Linked Data is used in Artificial Intelligence, enterprise information management, and web search
  • Comprehend how Linked Data underpins the semantic web, knowledge graphs, data fabric and FAIR data

Who we are

The course materials are produced by Taxonic. During your journey, Eliana Papoutsoglou and Jan Voskuil will be your guide.

Taxonic is Netherlands’ leading consultancy in Linked Data. Founded in 2012, Taxonic has grown to become the one-stop-shop for all things semantic, from propositions and consulting to education and inspiration.




Eliana Papoutsoglou is Linked Data consultant at Taxonic. She has earned a PhD researching the application of FAIR principles and Linked Data in plant sciences.





Jan Voskuil is co-founder and CEO of Taxonic. He has been evangelizing and teaching semantic web technologies for more than a decade. His consultancy work spans multiple domains. He frequently publishes and speaks at conferences about the things he works on.

Course Content

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Knowledge and Information
The semantic web: Birth and early years
Introducing RDF and friends
At work on the semantic web
Design patterns
Knowledge graphs
Querying Linked Data
FAIR Data and the future