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PrerequisitesData Driven Foundation (Recommended)
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Grow your business through innovation

This Foundation learning journey prepares business managers to accelerate the growth of their business through innovation and the systematic use of data.  It is relevant for all business professionals with a commercial, business development, marketing, sales or product management role.  It is also relevant for non profit organisations who wish to accelerate their progress towards achieving non commercial objectives – the same techniques apply!

This programme includes a range of techniques from the domains of digital business strategy, lean startup, growth hacking and digital marketing strategy.  it is based upon many years experience in helping both corporate institutions to grow and coaching of small technology startups in their initial growth phases.

This learning journey can be followed without any prior knowledge but an understanding of data, AI and data driven business models is recommended.  It forms the final step in our Data Driven Leadership approach, taking the concepts from the prior modules and showing how these can be applied for growth (and to achieve non growth objectives).

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand how relatively young companies achieve very high growth rates
  • Learn how to rekindle and accelerate growth in a corporate environment
  • Discover the techniques of innovation and and data driven growth
    (Customer Centricity, Segmentation, Design thinking for Jobs to be done, Customer Journey and more)
  • Design a dashboard to manage and track growth in your business
  • Develop a growth process with a focus on fast cycle learning
  • Create a success mindset for fast growth

Version history:

  • V1.0 Dec 2021 – course launched and included as standard foundation of Data Driven Leadership

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Growth - A universal imperative
Focussing on what matters most
Understanding and addressing demand
Delivering the customer experience
Experimentation and adaptation for growth
Growth Mindset
Closing remarks and next steps
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