Tokenisation, Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance

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StatusClassical and Webinar live
Estimated time8 hours
PrerequisitesBlockchain Foundation (or equivalent)
dApps and Smart Contract (preferred but optional)
Next stepsData Driven Business I Foundation

Discover how to disrupt existing markets by creating new ecosystems with Tokenisation, using Digital Assets and Decentralised Finance.  Learn how this is achieved through the convergence of information flow, ownership transfer and payment capability on blockchain.

This learning journey helps you to understand the future disruptive applications that are emerging using blockchain – including authentication through the supply chain with digital twins, digital identity management, crypto versions of fiat currency and secure payment with decentralised finance.  This enables a new financing ecosystem with full regulatory compliance.

A key element of the course is developing strategy for Digital Asset Management with all its facets to create innovative new ecosystems.  We will also examine existing initiatives including Libra/Diem, JPM Coin and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how tokenisation has enabled a new platform approach across ecosystems
  • Learn what a token is and how these can be created using an international standard
  • Discover how to create new platform ecosystems to manage Digital Assets via tokens
  • Review the emerging field of Decentralised Finance including fundraising and payment mechanisms
  • Develop a disruptive strategy for your business
  • Become aware of the Governance, Risk and Compliance issues with Digital Asset Management