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With the onset of Corona the world is experiencing an unprecedented set of measures including the need to maintain social distance.  Many governments are also requiring citizens to stay at home as much as possible including working from home and limiting any form of group gathering to very small numbers e.g. 2 or the size of your family.

In our work environment this requires us to work in a different way and often from a different place than we have done before.  Working from home is not new but suddenly we have to do this at scale and continuously.  In our private lives we may wish to celebrate a birthday or other social event in a new way – the virtual party is born!

In this short learning journey we cover the basics of virtual teamwork to help kickstart you in the digital meeting world.  This is relevant for both a social and a professional context – you can work remotely with your colleagues or just throw a virtual party.

We address the following learning objectives:

  • What is virtual teamworking and how is this different from normal meetings?
  • What types of virtual collaborations do we have and which technologies support these?
    • Virtual conferencing
    • Virtual project team working
    • Virtual learning
  • Adoption and how to get started

We hope you enjoy this


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